#20-Time To Move Again

#20-Time To Move Again

I really enjoyed babysitting and I think my girls liked it too-they had cousins and friends at their house almost everyday. There were never any arguments. We had a pretty strict schedule-I had a first grader that had to be walked to the bus at a little before 8. A kindergartener that had to be walked to the bus about noon and then picked up after school around three. We lived in the back of our complex so it was a good walk to the front. Three of the kids got to my house at 4am and were gone by eleven. The floater friend came and went at different times on different days. My niece was there from about 7 until 5:30ish. Luckily I only had my younger daughter and niece to walk up to the bus most days in the afternoon. We walked in rain,sleet, snow-just like the Postman. The older ones loved to help push the younger ones in the stroller so it was not a terrible chore to pick up my kindergartener. Lunchtime was never too bad either and I always kept a log for the parents of bottles, diapers and what food they ate. I would have wanted to know that stuff if someone watched my little kid. As long as I kept organized and on schedule everything ran like a well polished machine.

In the years up until my son’s second year, we moved 12 times from the time we got married in 1988 until we moved back to our hometown. After we moved back to our hometown we moved six times from February of 2003 until September of 2013. The last house I moved out of, we were going on four years of being in the same house and I planned to stay there until I retired or died. I wasn’t looking forward to any more moves! Except for the house that we bought in 2004, that was the longest we ever lived in the same house!

I didn’t mind moving to different towns, meeting new people and learning the ways of the community. I kind of liked changing environments and getting rid of all the junk you accumulate. I could pack up a 3000 sq foot house with a basement over a weekend, with three kids, a dog and a husband underfoot. I would have boxes staged the way they should be packed on a truck and it always went very smoothly. I moved during all kinds of weather. I moved during heat waves where you could barely breathe because it was so hot. I moved across states in the middle of a terrible ice and snow storm.

The only part I didn’t like about moving was leaving my previous yard. It seemed like I never got to see the spring bulbs, that I’d planted the previous fall, bloom. The ponds that we built from scratch would just begin to thrive and then it was time to move again. Those to things and the friends we left behind were always sad.

Usually by March I have my whole spring/summer to do list planned of the improvements I want to make in the yard, what I want to get rid of, what plants I want to grow-flowers, herbs and veggies. I’m itching to get my hands in the dirt.

I always have a plan to set up comfy cozy sitting areas, areas for kids to play, and just aesthetically pleasing areas to have something pretty to look at. I love my outdoor spaces as much, if not more, than my indoor spaces. I love planning the basics and then making them more special by adding the fun things and changing it up every so often. I always had friends and neighbors asking me to help them with their yards. I just love doing that kind of stuff and people always appreciated my outdoor spaces and my help creating their own.

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